Who Cares? Feminist Art Festival — Videographer/Editor

October - December 2020

Filmed the live events, interviews and produced a series of 8 videos.

AL FILM  | Film Festival — Event Photographer

September 2020

Photographed the live Q&As

Pata Pata | Music Video — Gaffer

October 2019

Directed by Toni Jane for Asnda.

SapphireMusic Video — Best Girl

July 2019

Directed by Craig Murray for Alcest.

Umstand & Beton | Documentary — Gaffer

April 2019

Directed by k_ii.

Sky Leon | Music Video — Best Girl

March 2019

Directed by Michal Cajzer.

Die Bombe | Short — Best Girl

October 2018

Directed by Dima Hamdan.

Good Luck | Short — 1st AD

September - October 2018

Directed by Franz Böhm. 

Solvemate | Commercial — Gaffer

August 2018

Directed by Sebastian Rodriguez-j.

Red & Yellow | Feature — Best Girl

July 2018

Directed by Jolanta Warpechowski.

No Zuo No Die | Teaser — 1st AD

June 2018

Directed by Tau Tau.

The Second Skin | Campaign — Photoshoot/Video Production. 

April 2018

Promotional campaign about self love produced for Kirk Lui and DONGXii.

Amaro Das Bittere | Short — Best Girl

March 2018

Directed by Fabian Döring and Adrian Hagenguth.

UndertowShort — Writer/Director

Feburary 2018

Sponsored by Cinegate.

Past, Present, Future | Documentary —Gaffer

December 2017

Directed by Juan S. Jiménez.

Gotopo | Documentary — Gaffer

October - November 2017

Directed by Juan S. Jiménez about Venezuelan musician, Eleonora Gotopo Reyes.

4 Wände | Short —Gaffer

October 2017

Directed by Anjorka Strechel.

Do It Again | Music Video —Lighting Assistant

October 2017

Directed by Marko Montana for St George.

Die Erleuchtung | Music Video —Director

September 2017

Music Video for David Moon.

Unexpected Monsters | Short —Best Girl

September 2017

Directed by Sophia Tamaro.

Site Unknown | Short —1st AD

August 2017

Directed by Sina Eslami.

Headstream | Short —Lighting Assistant

August 2017

Directed by Bia Vilela.

Harem's Conspiracy | Music Video —Camera Assistant/Lighting Assistant

August 2017

Directed by Damón Zurawski for Celloist, Dalai Cellai.

Sisyphos | Commerical —Lighting Assistant

July 2017

Directed by Johannes Dreibach.

Amazing | Short —2nd AD

June - July 2017

Directed by Tina Matzat.

Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here | Short —1st AD

February - March 2017

Directed by Cihan Basaraglu.

Brandon | Short —2nd AD/Lighting Assistant

February 2017

Directed by Simon Adegbenro.

WINTERREGEN | Short —Lighting Assistant

December 2016

Directed by Lorenzo Gandolfo.

Makembo | Theater Play —2nd Camera/Sound

October 2016

Directed by Micki Weinberg for ID Festival.

Godmother | Short —Gaffer

September 2016

Directed by Pete Fielding.

FALL | Short —1st AD

June 2016 - September 2016

Directed by Ivica Mejic.

ECKHARDT | Short —Lighting Assistant

July 2016

Directed by Konstantin Rall.

Zug Geschichte | Short — Lighting Assistant/AC/Grip

July 2016

Directed by Talin Seigmann.

2m² | Short — Lighting Assistant

June 2016

Directed by Sophie Linnenbaum.

A Quoi Tu Penses | Short — Lighting Assistant

June 2016

Directed by Melodie Grumberg.

Fuck You Very Much | Short — BTS Videographer

December 2015 - January 2016

Directed by Fabian Döring.

Coke, Champagne & Cigarettes | Feature — Lighting Assistant

October 2015 - November 2015

Directed by Mariana Ivana Jukica.

Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee | Feature — Lighting Assistant

June 2015 - September 2015

Directed by Michael Glover.

Berlin Untucked | Short Documentary — Lighting Assistant/2nd Camera

August 2015 - September 2015

Directed by Sverre Aune.

Love, Lucy | Short — Director/Writer/Editor

August 2015 - Ongoing

My graduation short.

Lukewarm | Short — 1st AD/1st AC

April 2015 - July 2015

Directed by Anna Nowak.

KRUSH | Feature — 1st AD/Writer/Lighting Assistant

January 2015 - May 2015

Directed by Rusanna Danielian, Sverre Aune, Raea Doshi, Karan Sanghvi and William Lundahl.


Met Film School Berlin, Berlin — B.A. (Honors) Practical Filmmaking

September 2013 - September 2015

Under the guidance of the school I wrote and directed four short films and two episodes of a web-series. I worked on two shorts as a Cinematographer and as an Assistant Director on a feature film.

York University, Toronto — B.A. Humanities

September 2007 - April 2013

I majored in Classical music with a specialization in Classical voice but switched my major to general Humanities after my first year.



Arab Film Festival BerlinAL Film

April 2017-2019

I did BTS videos and photos for the film festival. I also filmed the Q&A’s with the guests.

Story For FoodSFF

January 2018 - Ongoing

Promo videos for social media.

Arab Film Festival BerlinAL Film

April 2017-2019

I did BTS videos and photos for the film festival. I also filmed the Q&A’s with the guests.

Berlin Fashion Film Festival Berlin Fashion Film Festival

June 2016

I was a runner so I helped out wherever it was needed. I helped with moving and setting up rooms and also handling signing in of accredited.

Turtle Conservation International Student Volunteers

August 2010

We patrolled the beach at night to tag the turtles, measure them, check for irregularities and count their eggs. We also cleaned the beach, built a hatchery to protect the eggs from predators and painted the local school.